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Lighthouse Web Design Studio has been lighting the way towards top quality and affordable web design, animation (both 3D and 2D), video clips, graphics design, and full business-to-business services for over 6 years.
Our impressive list of clientele includes:
  Primatist (Italy)
Dennis Travins (Serbia)
Apulain Consortium (Italy)
Rotary Club (International)
Dennis Travins (Russia)
Physiomed (Germany)
Kaimann (Germany)
FoxKids Europe Limited (England)
NumberMax (Cyprus)
Lumene (Russia)
Geostream (Russia)
Simon&Schuster (USA)
Prestige Advertising Agency (Russia)
Chase (USA) (Russia)
Iney (Ukraine)
AVM New Wave Inc. (USA)
Mental Drive (Ukraine)
These companies attest to the high level of excellence that we here at the Lighthouse maintain.
Our team of dedicated professionals can conform and adapt to any job demanded.
We do the job quickly, efficiently, professionally, and all at an astoundingly low price.

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